Placing an order is easy,
just follow the steps below

Enter the required information on the ACN webform and click the Order Now button

You will need to have at hand the following information when placing the JOi Multiplay order:

  • Name and surname of the customer
  • Address details
  • E-mail address of the customer
  • NIE/NIF number
  • Mobile phone number
  • Bank details of the customer
  • A decision on a request to transfer their existing phone number to JOi Multiplay or getting a new phone number
  • Line owner details (if the owner of the line is different)

Make sure your customer has all this information ready before placing the order.

Place the order on the JOi Multiplay order website, schedule the appointment for the installation and validate it

Log in using the following details:
User: C10-02500-0001
Password: available in your IBO backoffice

To start your order please select Sales menu and then choose New convergent sale only. Please do not select any other menu options on this screen or your order will not be validated.

Important: If an order is not submitted and validated, it must be placed again.

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