Placing an order is easy,
just follow the steps below

Click on ‘Eligibility check’ link below and check the available offer.

Important: When checking the Eligibility, do not click on any link or any offer and do not provide a valid phone number otherwise this will lead to the order being placed directly with MÁSMÓVIL.

Click on “Offer configurator’’ and provide the required details. Select the suitable, available offer (this information will be available after the eligibity check)

Log in using the following details:
User: IBO Business ID
Password: IBO Business ID

IBOs from outside of Spain: please check the order entry guide

Important: Internet Explorer is not supported- please use an alternative browser

The Customer should call dedicated number at 091 12 37 503 and provide the name and Business ID of the IBO, as well as the order details.

The working hours: Monday to Friday from 11am until 7pm

You will need to have at hand the following information when calling the direct line:

  • IBO business ID
  • Name and surname of the customer
  • Address details
  • E-mail address of the customer
  • NIF/CIF number
  • Mobile phone number
  • Bank details of the customer
  • A decision on a request to transfer their existing phone number to JOi Multiplay or getting a new phone number
  • Line owner details (if the owner of the line is different)

Need more information?

Read our Do's and Don’ts list.

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