Placing an order is easy
just follow the steps below

Click the ‘Order Now’ button below and submit your order. Select the correct Partner code - 01 and provide the following email address: [email protected]

make sure to provide the IBO Business ID in the comment field near the end of the order process.

Engie needs to confirm the order details, if any clarification is required, an alert will be sent to the IBO via email prompting them to reach out to the customer to complete the order. Check your inbox, please.

Once the order has been successfully verified, the customer will receive an email from Engie to accept the contract. The 14 day cooling off period begins after the contract has been accepted by the customer.

Once the cooling off period has elapsed, the service can then be switched to Engie.

Need more information?

Read-through our Do’s and Don’ts list.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood these instructions.