Before you start promoting to prospective
customers, follow the steps below:

We invite all IBOs that have already registered with First Utility, to pass the training. This is a requirement by Shell Energy. To request access to the new training module, please complete the back office contact form (Click here to access) , choose as subject “I have not received the email with the training modules and test link”. Please allow 48 hours to receive the link.

Once you have completed the training and passed the test, you will receive the customer registration link from Shell Energy and you can start promoting the service. For more information click here.

IMPORTANT:The link provided to you is not transferable. If you share it with others you are allowing them to illegally acquire customers, leading to compliance procedures up to and including suspension of your position.

It is ILLEGAL to sell to customers without completing the registration and training. Any IBO who sells without completing registration and training will be subject to compliance procedures including permanent suspension, and the order placed will be rejected, and no compensation will be awarded.

Need more information?

Read-through our Do’s and Don’ts list.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood these instructions.